Readers of Modern Photoshop Color Workflow have access to the files that created the images, as well as to extensive video support. These resources, which require registration, are found in our Private Resources section.

You’re currently in the Free Resources section, which offers the PPW panel, Version 4.0.5 (Photoshops CS5, CS6, or the original CC) and Version 4.1.1 (Photoshops CC2017 and Photoshop CC2018). The installers take care of everything, including panel, scripts, actions and documentation. Note: If installing in CC2017-CC2018 under Windows, you must run Photoshop as an administrator during the installation. See the video and PDF (enclosed with the download) for details.

Update October 23, 2017. If you are installing the new Photoshop CC 2018, please do not allow your copy of CC 2017 to be deleted, which the installation process does unless you tell it not to. Installing CC 2018 does not automatically transfer a certain vital resource and therefore the panel will not work correctly. Fortunately, there is an easy fix provided you have not deleted Photoshop CC 2017; see the 4.1.1 troubleshooting page for instructions.

Update November 4, 2016. We have just posted the installer for Version 4.1.1, which is compatible with Photoshop CC2017. Panel versions other than 4.1.1 and 4.0.5 (for Photoshops CS5 and CS6) are no longer supported.

Update November 2, 2016. Today Adobe released Photoshop CC2017. In view of the many issues experienced by those who installed previous updates, we recommend waiting to install this one for at least two weeks until other users have reported in. As has been the case with every Photoshop update since the panel was first released, an updated panel version is required. We are not yet ready to offer guidance as to when it will become available. Meanwhile, we strongly suggest that you *not* delete a currently working version as part of the CC2017 installation process—which Adobe’s installation routine does by default.

Update June 26, 2016. We have just released Version 4.1.0, which is now installable into Photoshops CC2014 through CC2015.5. If you are not updating to CC2015.5, and if you already have a working version of the panel, there is no need to download this as it does not contain new features.

Update June 22, 2016. Yesterday Adobe released Photoshop CC2015.5. In view of the many issues experienced by those who installed previous updates, we recommend waiting to install this one for at least two weeks until other users have reported in.

The installer cannot be used, but we anticipate having a new one available within two weeks. Meanwhile, this update offers the option of not not overwriting previous Photoshop versions, and we strongly recommend it, as first releases of recent updates have been unstable. If you have any Photoshop CC2015 and the panel works, some of its functionality already works in CC2015.5. We believe that the following procedure will get the rest.
*The folder “Cromaline-Software” is found in the Photoshop CC2015/Presets/Scripts folder.
*Copy it into the corresponding folder in CC2015.5.

Update January 18, 2016. Panel version 4.0.9 is now available.
The main improvements:
*Type color has been adjusted so that is is more legible in later versions of Photoshop CC2015;
*Options windows are now fully accessible in later versions of Photoshop CC2015;
*Options windows that have been closed no longer reopen spontaneously in later versions of Photoshop CC2015 (Macintosh only) when the user shifts to a different application;
*The action suite has been updated and several minor bugs have been squashed.
For these reasons, we recommend that all users of CC2014 and CC2015 update to this version. Users of Photoshops CS5, CS6, and CC can continue to use version 4.0.5.

Update December 13, 2015. Adobe has released Photoshop 2015.1.1 to correct some, but not all, of the bugs that afflicted 2015.1. The panel still does not run properly but it is probably usable. The main remaining problems are that certain windows open on their own at unexpected times (Macintosh only), and that the type in the various options sub-panels is now almost illegible owing to changes in the interface.

Update December 6, 2015. The 2015.1 update just released by Adobe has again included bugs that disable certain panel features. We must recommend that if the PPW panel is critical to your work, you avoid this update, if necessary by reverting to Photoshop CC2014.

Update October 26, 2015. This panel is in heavy use worldwide. Unfortunately, with so many variations it becomes possible to mess up the installation by using the wrong version of something or another. Usually this is easy to correct and we are happy to help—provided that you are willing to help us by giving the details of your system and what is happening as requested on the two troubleshooting pages referenced at the end of this page.

Update October 11, 2015. Today we are releasing 4.0.8, which corrects certain esoteric issues; earlier versions (other than 4.0.5) are no longer supported.

Update September 19, 2015, with respect to Photoshop CC2015. In August, we released a beta version, 4.0.6, for those needing to use the panel in Photoshop CC2015. That beta had several issues for Windows users, although basically it functioned correctly. Today we are releasing 4.0.7; the earlier version will no longer be supported.

To summarize:
Version 4 of the panel comes in four different downloads:
*For Photoshops CC2017 and CC2018 (Version 4.1.1, Macintosh);
*For Photoshops CC2017 and CC2018 (Version 4.1.1, Windows);
*For Photoshop CS6 only (Version 4.0.5, universal Mac/Win);
*For Photoshop CS5 only (Version 4.0.5, universal Mac/Win).

*If you are running the panel successfully in Photoshop CS5 or CS6, forget version 4.1.1 unless you need to a CC version. It adds few new capabilities, although there are some minor bug fixes.
*If you are running it in CS5 or CS6, and wish to also install it into CC2017-CC2018, no problem, but you must use the correct installer to do it. The panel will continue to function in the earlier version.

If installing in CC2017-CC2018 under Windows, you must run Photoshop as an administrator during the installation. See the video and PDF (enclosed with the download) for details.

Version 4 of the panel includes three “Hammer” actions: the Bigger Hammer, which has been around for a long time, and the new Lesser and Velvet Hammers. The three give quite an array of tools to handle images needing extra pop in their lighter areas. The Velvet Hammer has proven particularly useful in portraits.

The PPW Tools panel for Photoshop CC2014, version 4.

The PPW Tools panel for Photoshop CC2014, version 4.

The Sharpen action, renamed Sharpen 2015, allows two new options. One prevents sharpening of blue objects, useful for those whose work commonly involves skies. The second, called Soften Shadows, does what it says. The two come as layers, so it’s easy to limit their effects to certain areas.

The user has to implement these new options, as we wanted the revised action’s default behavior to resemble that of previous versions. They can be activated either on a case-by-case basis or as permanent preferences, by Option-clicking the action in the panel or by going to the Preferences sub-panel in the upper right corner of the main panel.

Panel installation into CS5/CS6 is straightforward, but if you’d like to watch a video showing how it’s done (does not apply to CC2014 or CC2015, which contain a video in the download), click here. Note: the installation requires the presence of an appropriate version of Adobe Extension Manager. If you do not have one, it is a free download from

In mid-2015 Adobe discontinued Adobe Extension Manager, requiring a different installation procedure for Photoshop CC2015. The download of the version for CC2017-CC2018 contains a video illustrating the new installation method.

If you are still having trouble with the install and would like support from us, we need a lot of specific information. If you are installing with our custom installer into CC2017-CC2018 your 4.1.1 troubleshooting page is here. to proceed. If you are using Adobe Extension Manager to install 4.0.5 into CS5/CS6/CC, click here to proceed.

Separate free downloads include:
The version 4 PPW actions (not needed if you have installed the panel).
The version 4 PDF documentation (not needed if you have installed the panel).
The book’s Table of Contents
The book’s Index
The book’s 20-page Introduction, featuring a fierce dialog between Dan and the beta readers over the merits of six different corrections.
The same Introduction in Spanish, translated by an Argentine reader, reviewed and partially rewritten by Dan, and then corrected for language issues by two volunteers.

Additionally, here are some handy links:
A sample of the videos that support each chapter.
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Professional Photoshop Fifth Edition (
Photoshop LAB Color, Second Edition (
Ledet Training

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