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The two books featured on this site, On the Law of Simultaneous Contrast of Colors (ISBN 978-0-9882808-1-6) and Modern Photoshop Color Workflow (ISBN 978-0-9882808-0-9) are available at So are Dan’s other current titles, Professional Photoshop Fifth Edition and Photoshop LAB Color Second Edition, although our site does not represent these two.

If will ship to your country, please purchase there. If this is not possible, we will ship books to you as follows.

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International orders (not Russian Federation), please check out via PayPal for Europe, Australia, South American and Canada here. You can also purchase with Bitcoin.

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Most international orders are priced at $99 each which includes Priority Mail® International shipping (5-10 business days typical delivery, but some countries take significantly longer). in a padded envelope. The above rate is valid for shipment to Australia, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, and members of the European Union. Shipments to some other countries require the use of registered express mail as per the order below.

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For the Russian Federation, we use registered Global Priority Mail which will require a signature. The price is $125 for this service.

All orders are processed and typically shipped weekly on Tuesdays by 6:00 PM, EDT.

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Kirk West

Thanks for arranging this, the arrival of my now ordered book is awaited with more anticipation than Christmas. I have read all the comments and blogs and am really looking forward to getting my hands and eyes on the book and then really start trying to understand the process.

Genn Booth

What about shipment to Moscow, Russia? Would like to get a hard copy and was not able to find other means of communication. Please send me a link for PayPal transaction.


Can you please check the shipment price to Brazil.
Thank you,
Fernando Chaves


Hello guys.
I’ve just paid for the book but unfortunately specified shipping address in russian. Sorry for that. Please contact me for english version.



We did receive your order on April 20, Guido and will process this week in the nect batch (probably tomorrow). Thanks for your business.


Brazil is available at the standard $99 price.


Hello Dan and/or Guido

can you build a receipt into the int’l ordering process? book was ordered&paid a week ago. Never got a confirmation. Colorful thanks,


The book has arrived today, thanks for the speedy delivery.


Just ordered my copy – cant wait.


I wish there was a photographer that could teach me as much about shooting, as Dan has about post-processing. Great work! My images have never looked better.


What about shipping to Ukraine?

Dan Margulis

Andriy, for Ukraine we would follow the same procedure as for the Russian Federation. Since we don’t have a Ukraine-specific link, we’d ask you to use the Russian-Federation link above, making sure that when you enter your address, you specify that it is Ukraine, not Russia!

Bappaditya Sardar

I am from India., so please suggest me how to get the book & the price of it.

Frank Fremerey

Thank you for fast delivery. Me and a colleague are meeting
tonight for an editing session. Photoshop Farbkorrektur helped
us tremendously to see editing anew. As we saw the examples
we felt it is time to check on Dan’s update. I am a photographer,
Food mostly, my colleague is a graphics professional at a big car
manufacturer. Thank you Dan and a happy New Year.

Dan Margulis

Thanks for letting us know. I am sorry that we don’t have a German translation of this one available but really, images speak their own language and the whole world understands it.

Photoshop Farbkorrektur (Professional Photoshop to English speakers) IMHO offered very fine advice in its time, which was ten years ago. Since then, we’ve learned how to do things somewhat better, and I hope this progress continues in your own work.

Frank Fremerey

There is only one thing we beg you to add to your next edition: A RAW-Workflow based on current sensor technology.

We still see pictures that are scanned from slides and negatives and we know that many of these have tonality to work with that is extremely different than what Digital RAW files contain.

Also your routines of sharpening and contrast are not applicable in the same way to say, professional RAWs from Bayer-Sensors as well as professional RAWs from Xtrans-Sensors.

We as professionals in the Imaging business need to work with professional RAW files, film scans are rare these days.

Thank you & A happy new year.



I’m a chinese. Do you have the book in stock and How can I order it now? Can I provided my address in chinese?

Klee Claudia

Hallo Dan
How can I buy your book, Modern ps..color workflow? I live in Germany.
I have the 10 years old book from you, i would like to read the next.
Sorry my english is a bit frozen.

Herzliche Grüße

Dan Margulis

Dunju, Modern Photoshop Color Workflow should now be available in Chinese. The publisher is Post & Telecommunication Press. I would try contacting them in China to get an update.

Dan Margulis

Hallo Claudia,

Die günstigste Variante ist von oder zu kaufen. Wenn dies nicht möglich ist, kannst du hier USD 99 all-inclusive per Paypal bezahlen, aber das Buch wird länger dauern, um anzukommen.

Nicht über gefrorene Englisch kümmern. Bilder sprechen eine eigene Sprache, und wir alle verstehen.


Hello Dan
Dou you mean the original english version or a translated version ? I can’t search for the book on PTPress, Maybe
they didn’t find the right people to translate the book, And I like the original english version.

Dan Margulis


I was in contact yesterday (2 March) with PT Press and they showed me a photo of the book, so I know that it is ready. They said there had been a delay due to Chinese New Year, but that the book should be on within a week. You can order the English version from this page, but remember it is going to be far more expensive than getting the Chinese version, and also it will take longer to ship.


Hello dan
I like your book very much, it is the bible in Photoshop. I am a fan of traditional film.I believe the quality of the film is much more better than digital cameras. However the scanning of the film is very complicated ,especially for the negatives. would you like to write a book about correction of the film in Photoshop.

Yair Tammam

Dear Sir,
i would like to buy your book, it seems it is no longer available in amazon.
please help


Hi, Dan,

Your books at Amazon must have been sold out. Can you follow up to make sure they have new copied in stock and for sale?


Dan Margulis


Scanning film indeed presents some problems that digital captures do not. The first three editions of Professional Photoshop, which appeared prior to the turn of the century, covered it to some extent. At this point, I don’t think there is enough of a market for such a book (although certainly sa lot of film exists that was shot before the digital revolution, and somebody has to scan it).

Dan Margulis

Yair and Zhanbo, apparently they sold out last week. More are on the way but I don’t know when amazon will have them available.

Yair Tammam

Dear Sir,
I missed the PayPal link :)
I bought the book directly from you on this website.
Hope to get it soon


Thank you Dan. As far as I know,nowadays ,more and more people are starting to use films in China

PD Singh

When will the book be made available in India

Damon Ledet

PD Singh, we ship USPS Priority Mail International. The book ships from the US and is available to ship to India. You may order on the top of this page under the section “Most international orders are priced at $99 each which includes international priority mail shipping in a padded envelope. The above rate is valid for shipment to Australia, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa, Switzerland, and members of the European Union. Shipments to some other countries require the use of registered express mail as per the order below. Shipping from the above orders is done via Priority Mail® International (10 business day typical delivery, but some countries take significantly longer).”

Jean Paul Sneider


I ordered the book through paypal for Italy, I hadn’t received any mail of confirmation nor a tracking number. Is it correct? Should I just wait?

Many Thanks

Dan Margulis

Jean Paul, The Global Priority Mail product that we use only tracks the package within the United States, once it gets to Poste Italiane there is no further way to track it. In my experience there is more of a delay in the Italian system than in other countries: for example, the two Italian beta readers of the book got their final copies several days later than the readers elsewhere in Europe.


Hello, teacher Dan Margulis:
If you can’t buy Channels Power Tool in China, you can check with the author to see if you can put this plugin free. Thank you! My email: is looking forward to it.


could you confirm my order it was received correctly ?
I didn’t get any confirmation even though paypal payment went through on July 26th.
Best regards , looking forward reading the book.


Dan Margulis

Max, Secondo i registri postali, il pacchetto è stato consegnato a Posteitaliane il 29/7. Non possiamo controllare lo stato del pacchetto dopo che è arrivato in Italia.


It’s arrived Dan , than you very much !!!!
Now to study !!!!



Shri Prasham Parameshwaran

Do you guys ship to Malaysia?

Dan Margulis

Shri Prasham, not at the present time, sorry.


Is the book available now?

Dan Margulis

It is only available through normal bookselling channels; we are no longer shipping it ourselves.

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