Applied Color Theory Group Finds a New Home

by Dan Margulis on November 24, 2019

The Applied Color Theory list, which discusses matters of interest to my students, friends, and colleagues, has been operating since 1999. For almost the past twenty years it has resided at yahoogroups. After many years of deterioration, yahoogroups recently decided it would now become e-mail only, no images allowed.

We have therefore moved the group lock, stock and barrel to a new home at You are welcome to join the over 2,000 members who in discussing or reading about color. The transition took place earlier this month and the list has become quite active, with threads on luminosity masking, blue filters in eyeglasses, my forthcoming book, and others.

We haven’t implemented everything yet, but among the important changes is that the group is now public access—you can read posts without becoming a list member, though you can’t add to them.

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