Chevreul Meets Margulis: Now Available!

by Dan Margulis on February 29, 2020

My update of M.E. Chevreul’s classic text On the Law of Simultaneous Contrast of Colors is finally available online. It was printed in late January; members of my discussion group were able to order it direct from the pressroom, which they did in surprising quantity. Our first shipment to Amazon sold out in four hours. The stock has now been replenished.

By reputation, Chevreul’s book belongs in the library of anyone interested in color, but it was published in 1839 when he couldn’t include serious graphics. And, although he tried to discuss every form of visual art that then existed, photography didn’t make the cut. I’ve supplied these things, among others, making it a joint effort between us rather than a mere translation and rewrite.

This is hardly a complete description. For that, check out my previous post, which offers the book’s Synopsis of Contents and many other goodies. I hope you’ll give us the chance to expand your horizons, and that you’ll agree that this was a book worth waiting 180 years for.

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Gilles Baron

Where can I download the photos from the book On the Law of Simultaneous Contrast of Colors. I have already purchased the book.

Gilles Baron

Dan Margulis

Gilles, all my other titles made images available because many readers wished to duplicate for themselves the color exercises being shown. Since the Chevreul book concerns concepts rather than technique (I don’t believe that the word Photoshop occurs at all in the text) there did not seem to be a point in assembling an image download. That said, the artworks shown tend to be in the public domain, and the Notes & Credits section may assist in finding them online.

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