Welcome, beta readers!

by Dan Margulis on March 14, 2013

Appropriately, the first people outside of the developers to see the site are the beta readers, who have contributed so much to the book’s quality.

You are the people who, behind the scenes, made sure that the book itself would be what we want. Now, let me talk about the other behind-the-scenes folk who have kept the rest of the project going.

This site is primarily the work of Daniele Di Stanio, supported by me and by Sterling Ledet, with assistance from Adriano Esteves.

The videos were recorded in Tuscany in October. As you can probably see, an immense amount of editing work went into them, under the direction of Alessandro Bernardi. He was the force behind these recordings. Daniele was there to support us, and also provided equipment, not to mention a great restaurant near the Rome airport.

The PPW panel development is led by Giuliana Abbiati, who spent a shocking amount of time scripting in the new options. All the documentation has been revised for the new release. Generally this was done by me, but I could not make the final PDF files, because my changes to existing files had to remain highlighted so that a new translation into Italian is possible. Therefore, the final PDFs were created by Alessandro, sharing them with the rest of the group.

Anyhow, we’re very close now. The books are slated to ship on Friday 15 March, which means they should be available for purchase this month. On the same day, Giuliana says she will release v3 of the PPW panel. The revised documentation is already available on this site for this who are using beta versions of the panel.

Quite an endeavor is coming to a conclusion now, one that involved lots and lots of people working very hard in a good cause.

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