The Site Goes Live

by Dan Margulis on March 24, 2013

Dan Margulis

A long production process ended two days ago, when Modern Photoshop Color Workflow started shipping. In a few more hours, this site will go live, so it’s time to welcome friends old and new.

If you already have a copy of the book, here’s where you’ll find the videos and other resources you need to make good use of it.

If you’re thinking about buying a copy, and you’ve read one of my earlier books, you know what to expect. It’s longer than Photoshop LAB Color and slightly shorter than Professional Photoshop Fifth Edition. The content, of course, is quite new, but the method of presenting it is the same, with most chapters broken into two sections, one for experts. The big change you’ll see is that instead of an enclosed CD, you have this site, with a wealth of videos that support the lessons of the book. And, provided you have at least Photoshop CS5, we’re also making a brand-new version of the PPW panel available, with full documentation.

If you’re thinking about buying, but you don’t know much about my writing, there’s plenty of online commentary about it that will verify what I’m about to say. My books are not like those of others. They are designed to challenge, not to give recipes. They are bleeding edge, offering techniques and theories that weren’t known previously. You won’t be bothered by a lot of fancy language, nor do you need to be a Photoshop expert, unless you want to dive into the sections labeled experts only. But you will have to stop to think, and probably have to reread certain sections to get their full benefit. You have to decide whether that’s to your taste. It is to a lot of people; much of what’s in the book and on this site comes from volunteers, including a group of beta readers that had access to all the drafts and images as the book was being finalized, suggested some radical changes, and generally got their way.

There’s plenty of stuff to preview here to help you with your decision. Whatever your choice, you are welcome to download the PPW panel, which offers some very powerful actions. Its documentation is built-in and quite thorough. It will speed up any workflow.

Here’s to great-looking color!

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Daniele Distanio

The site is now live indeed!

My best congratulations for all your work. It was an honor to witness the making of this project.

It was challenging, fun, inspiring run, and I hope it will have a follow 😉

Many hugs from Rome Dan, and thank you for all your work!


Russ Brown

Congratulations Daniele – A milestone, I think!
Great work on a terrific site.
Much to look forward to.

Clarence Maslowski

Congratulations to all of the team involved in the book and the site! It has been an honor to serve with such an august group.

Frederick Yocum

Congratulations! So much content, so little time.

Mike Demyan

Congratulations to the team! IMHO – This has to be the best color correction/workflow book to date. Thank you Dan, and all who contributed.

George Machen

This website looks to foster the best days yet being ahead!

James Gray

The web site is very impressive. Daniele, thanks for all of your hard work. The videos and other content are excellent. It has been an honor and a pleasure to be a beta reader and be able to make a small contribution to the book. It is a very impressive revolutionary work flow.

Marco Olivotto

A short word from me as well… I came back from Milano 24 hours ago, where I shared the Photoshow 2013 experience with Alessandro, although we were on different sides of the huge concrete building which hosted the event. We both went through an inordinate number of seminars and presentations, and I showed the panel several times, letting the news that a new Dan Margulis book was finally available ooze through. Lots of interest, of course, although I am afraid that the very scarce acquaintance of Italians with the English language may be a problem.
I was extremely happy to be in the number of the beta-readers and this was a honor and a privilege for me. I also would like to congratulate with Daniele for the hard work on the website, which looks neat and clean and very easy to browse.
And now… party! :)

David Biedny

What, another Photoshop book? :-)

Chris Corich

Being unemployed, I was sad that I wasn’t going to be able to be an Early Adopter yet again. Then I realized that all the small bills and change I had stuffed into the sock drawer might pay for a good part of the book. Turns out, I even had a dollar left over.

Soooo looking forward to this book.


WOW! Great news, thanks Dan, also for the new PPW panel!!

Marco, d0n’t be so pessimistic, I am just waiting that Amazon ships the book to Italy!

Ian Meikle


Congratulations on the release of your new book. The bad news for me is that Amazon isn’t shipping it to Australia at this time, please can you tell me when this will occur?

Thanks, Ian

Ed Judge

My copy of the book arrived today and I can’t wait to dive in.

Jan Hof

I’m using the PPW a lot and it improved my skills significantly. Great that there is this book. However, Amazon won’t let me ship it to the Netherlands where I live.

Is there any chance of getting this book other than via Amazon?

Dan Margulis

Ian and Jan,

Eventually, we think, will take an international order. In the interim, Sterling Ledet will shortly be announcing a method of getting the books to international readers via Priority Mail. I have already used this to get books to our European beta readers and it seems to take about a week.

Right now Sterling is awaiting shipment of additional books. As soon as he has them, he will make an announcement about how to proceed. Presumably the cost will be about $100, including the shipping.

For U.S. readers, of course, we recommend

Troy Welch

Excellent, like many other eager readers in the international group I am looking forward to this.

Another question, are there any plans to make the book available in an ebook format, this cool also serve as a useful way to satisfy the international audience until hardcopy books are available?

I’m sure there are many other like myself who would be interested in both formats.


Dan Margulis

Troy and others, Sterling has now implemented an international order system (right under The Book in our menu bar). We do not have plans for an electronic edition at this time.

Alessandro Bernardi

Sorry to join the band very late, but here is my comment: it was since the first time I faced the PPW in 2007 that I was waiting a book on the workflow, and finally we have it!
The idea of a dedicated webiste is great and Daniele has done a really good job, clean, simple but elegant and well organized.
I’m sure this book will become a milestone like Dan’s previous ones, and I was honored to be a beta-reader as well. An inspiring experience.
I’m still waiting that Amazon makes it available for the Italians… but I hope they will do very soon.
In the meanwhile thanks to Dan and all the amazing people I’ve met while collaborating to this project.

All the best,

Nadine Wiseman

Thank you. I have been following the group for quite a while, learning so much along the way. I’ve started studying the book and have just received access to all the other resources. I am so impressed with the excellent materials that you have provided. This is going to keep me busy for a very long time. Thank you seems so inadequate for all the work that has gone into making PPW available but Thank you all!

RJay Hansen

The file under free resources named “PPW-3-docs” has no file extension and no obvious way to ascertain its format. I determined it’s a .zip file by adding that extension and successfully unzipping it. Just a heads up.

And, I ordered the book today. Can’t wait to get it!

Dan Margulis

Thanks RJay, it’s fixed now.

Ron Brickey

I think that PPW is even better than sliced bread. Thank you Dan for your hard work and sharing.

Johan Verbist
Dan Margulis

Johan, thanks for pointing out the bad link. It’s fixed now.


I got the book but where do i get the images?
also only one tutorial videos working and i downloaded ppw but nothing happen
max bounan

Dan Margulis


All videos and images are available to purchasers of the book in our Private Resources section on this site, Find it by clicking Resources in the menu bar or go to A signup is required.

If you are having difficulty installing the PPW panel, please watch the “Installing the PPW Panel” video at If there are still problems, we would need to know particulars of your operating system, your version of Photoshop, and your version of Adobe Extension Manager, plus a complete explanation of each step you took to try to install and access the panel, and what the system responses were.


Hi Dan
Got the PPW working, thanks but i still cannot get to the images i signup more than once but still no email to the link. not sure what to do now.
This book is great by the way like all the other books that you wrote, i sign up to kelby training just to see your videos
Max bounan

Dan Margulis

This indicates that the automated response is being intercepted before it gets to you, likely by a spam filter or a corporate firewall. Check your spam folder, or make sure that is whitelisted. If you’re still having trouble, try a different computer/e-mail account, and if that fails I believe that Ledet may be able to issue you a pass. Let’s not go that inconvenient route, however, before you verify that the response can’t be found at your end.
Glad to hear that you’re enjoying the book, and we hope to hear shortly that you’re also enjoying the videos!

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