From the California coast

by Dan Margulis on March 4, 2013

The book was supposed to be finished by now, so my travel schedule has begun. Yesterday we flew out to LAX, and drove north to Cambria, on the coast near the Hearst castle, and in the center of a wine country that is beginning, IMHO, to produce better stuff than comes out of Napa, and certainly cheaper. This is the second time we’ve rented this particular house. In a week we’ll head south, into the desert, where I’ve rented a villa in Palm Springs.

Meanwhile, work on book-related matters continues. The PPW panel has been so heavily reworked for this release that all of the documentation had to be redone to some extent, 11 PDFs in all for the actions. I started in on this work right after I shipped the final book pages, but I could not make the final PDFs myself. The reason: we want to release them in Italian as well, and the translators need to see what has changed and what has not so that they don’t reinvent the wheel. So I sent .indd files to Alessandro Bernardi, with omitted material crossed out and new material in red. He set those aside, and yesterday he reported that the English-language PDFs are ready.

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