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by Dan Margulis on January 7, 2021

Educational and cultural institutions whose students and patrons could make use of my two latest books now have an opportunity to obtain them in quantity at no charge, courtesy of the members of the Applied Color Theory group.

This offer is good for January only and involves the books Modern Photoshop Color Workflow and On the Law of Simultaneous Contrast of Colors. We offer only full, unbroken cases of 12 copies of one title or the other. In principle we are only interested in shipping within the United States, as we have found postal service and custom practices elsewhere to be unreliable in the age of Covid, and in any case international shipping would be quite expensive, since each case weighs around 15 kg.

The offer came about because I have some minor out-of-pocket expenses associated with running the ACT group. Certain group members volunteered to reimburse me, through a donation function that the group host offers. I said that group membership had always been free and I had no desire to change that, nor would I wish to profit off any such voluntary donations. I said that if the donations exceeded my personal expenses, then they should be used to further education and appreciation of color.

They did substantially exceed that figure. Nobody having offered a better idea, I’ll use that money to ship cases of books to schools, museums, etc. who might need them and that I’d donate the books myself at their actual cost of production.

The two books for which cases are available are quite different. One is hard-core processing technique that appeals only to serious users of Photoshop and related programs. The other is an updated version of one of the great classics in our field. No computer knowledge is necessary. It discusses fundamental principles of arranging colors attractively and is interdisciplinary. Painting, photography, weavings, fashion, logo design, museums, gardens, interior decoration, typography, theaters, and even stained glass: if it involves the use of color, this book offers compelling insights on which ones to pick.

Those interested in receiving these cases of books, please message me offline with a description of what they would be used for. I’m DMargulis (at)

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