Blest Be the Ties That Bind

by Dan Margulis on May 8, 2013

All the books I’ve written have run into readers who reread them so many times that the poor binding comes apart from too much loving. One such reader, a college professor, posted a photo showing his own solution. His explanation (found on the appliedcolortheory list):

“I’ve uploaded a file called BooksByDanMargulis.jpg to show you how I solved the problem of the book cracking open and pages coming loose.  I had FedEx-Office slice open your books and then add clear plastic covers and spiral bindings.  This arrangement is the only way I can have your books open on my computer desk next to my monitor as I read (and reread) the books and then work through your examples while in Photoshop.  This also allows me to write extensive questions and summary notes to myself in the margins.  BooksByDanMargulisI come back to these earlier marginal questions when I figure things out later in the book (or sometimes even many years later).  This has been my pattern with each of your books. I also want to let you know profoundly thankful I am for your latest book. There is a level of detail and depth of workflow understanding that helps me get key ideas about which, in earlier books, I had only achieved a procedural understanding.  Please thank all the others who contributed so much to the book and the PPW Panel.”

He says that he paid $7.87 for the durable binding of Modern Photoshop Color Workflow.

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debra klecan

In the past 5 years I’ve been very picky about what Photoshop books I buy. Just by chance I looked up Margulis name to see if you had any new books and I’m delighted to see that yes you do!!! I’m ordering it immediately!! Love this story about the professor and his binding techniques. My books look like that as well. My only gripe about your earlier books was that there were never any margins to jot down all my notes!! I hope there are some now and I’ll be taking my book to my local office supply store for binding. LOL

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