Avoid 13.05 Update

by Dan Margulis on June 7, 2013

This week Adobe released a feee maintenance (bug-fix) update for Photoshop CS6 users (not subscribers to the Creative Cloud). It has become evident that there are major problems with it, including losing the ability to access certain panels, not to mention being forced to reinstall Photoshop from scratch.

As we do not propose to light up this powderkeg by installing a suspect update ourselves, we do not know yet how it affects the PPW panel, although we do know that certain other panels now cause crashes.

Pending further information, I strongly recommend that you *not* install this update until it becomes clear that it is safe.

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Neil P

Thanks for the warning. I just saw the update notice on my status bar and was doing a search for a manual download of it..found your warning instead. After 18 hours yesterday rebuilding the complete OS from DVD, the last thing I need was to have to crash PS with a dodgy update..:)

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