Comments and Reviews

Here are some of the things people have been saying about Modern Photoshop Color Workflow.

Before the book’s publication, color authority Lee Varis posted a comprehensive review of the PPW panel as it then existed. (June 2012)

Davide Barranca‘s site features interviews with members of the PPW panel development team, two of whom were also beta readers. (April 2013)

Beta reader Marco Olivotto, a noted color correction instructor, posted his thoughts on the beta reading process. You can read his comments in English or Italian. (April 2013)

Dan’s stated position is that Chapter 3, concerning initial color correction, is the most difficult in the book, but some beta readers disagree, saying that Chapter 4 (contrast moves) is harder. Those commenting online are similarly split. Interestingly, the most spectacular parts of the PPW, the color moves of Chapters 5 and 6, aren’t considered difficult. A reader expressed frustration on the appliedcolortheory list about being unable to get through Chapter 3, and asking for further resources to understand curves. List members replied with a series of useful links; read the whole thread here. (May 2013)

A similar thread took place on the colortheory list, this time about the luminosity step. (August 2013)

Photographer Scott Loftesness attended Dan’s four-day Applied Color Theory course and posted on his blog about it here. (September 2013)

Readers who sign up for viewing our videos get a few canned e-mails from Dan offering encouragement and suggestions. Many have responded at some length. They are posted here, giving a useful snapshot of how readers were finding their first few months. (updated January 29, 2014)

Marco Olivotto, whose writings in Italian are legion and of very high quality, has finally inaugurated an English-language site. His bio describes his first encounter with Professional Photoshop as follows: “I couldn’t quite believe what he was writing, and I thought – either he’s a genius or he’s completely insane. It didn’t dawn on me that a mix of the two things is quite possible, and even likely. Dan Margulis is a completely insane genius, that is. His approach to color, especially, CMYK, is based on making sense of what happens, without confusing the reader with excessive theory, and taking into account something that is often overlooked: the vagaries of the production process and the complexity of perception.” (April 2014)

Gerald Bakker, a Dutch photographer, has posted extensive reviews/critiques of PPW, analyzing some of its actions and comparing them to other options, and explaining what has worked well for him and what has not. “For me, the results of applying the workflow on my own images were astonishing. I applied PPW on a large number of photographs and the result was always better than what I had previously accomplished. Over the time I have gotten a reasonable feeling of what works and what doesn’t.” (February 2015)

Gerald Bakker also posted a lengthy review of the book proper. It is a very in-depth discussion, citing many advantages, including acknowledging the unusual role of the beta readers, while taking note of a long learning curve. (June 2015)